Fuel For Change (FFC) is a 501 (c)3 non-profit that makes alliances with retail businesses and secures monthly funds for a variety of significant humanitarian projects. Our goal is to help businesses effectively focus their philanthropy, to instill confidence in their giving, and become a part of lasting change. EIN #: 27-4159852 Donate-Now-Red-HeartWe are an all volunteer organization with a mission to promote humanitarianism across the retail sector and to create Communities of Giving by generating ongoing monthly donations for a network of high impact humanitarian organizations .  Beneficiaries are chosen by the FFC community.  These non-profits are chosen based on their high level of effectiveness,  their commitment to creating sustainable solutions to poverty and other social ills, and their ability to deliver the most needed last mile services to communities locally and globally.

 Thousands of organizations work daily to make the world a better place.  Many of these organizations are well known and well supported, but the majority struggle to remain financially afloat: they are often led by visionaries who are rich in spirit and poor in resources.  FFC was founded to increase the visibility of, and help drive financial support to, these highly effective, yet financially limited organizations.

In working with member businesses to  become sustained charitable supporters of humanitarian organizations, these member business (and the communities in which thffcblueblurry1.jpgey operate) are effortlessly able to contribute to making the world a better place.  These larger communities of giving will enable FFC to serve as a social network for activists and less outspoken supporters alike to mingle, educate one-another, and find collaborative support.